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I Do This


I Do This Lyrics

I do this for my family, ndi na adu m ezigbo nduma
Do it for the fans n’ada atunye m to onye obuna
Friends na aghota nwoke na mu daba ezigbo oduda
After unu na God, muwa esendirokwa onye obuna
I do it for the husslers n’ atu ugba n’ onu asata
My guys gala away, maka akwukwo,ha nugba akata
Boys banye street magba conductor n’afia Abakpa
Boy imele evict egogo uno n’abu n’ otu Onitsha
I do it for the money, kam nnokatazu gbawa akwuna
Do it and they hating, ufodi ejezi gwowa atikpa
Me ya for my mum, nwayi ji ekpele mele ufuma
Me ya for ogbem, ewepu unu akam igbu ezigbo mgbada
I do it for my brothers na agba boy n’ugwu Hausa
Kolu gi ife anya na afu mana akuko adaghi ekwe nkocha
Boniface onye obodo, kita buzi onye okpogho
Odinaka manserver, kita buzi onye okuko
Obi mma ya n’ere oroma, mechazi buwa okuko
Mma kuwu ihe okufo
Chairman n’ime okpono
Onye me mkpotu, anyi ajuo ya “ina afukwa iru mpito?”
Maka mwegi n’ iru oru, ife m n‘ aru bu oru two people
I do this for the doors akwachili si na anyi ama ngafe
And all the girls kpaputa ya mgbe owu ji m na mgbafe
Njideka Stephanie Amara na Kambili
Mgbe ugbo na ka efenidi
Ma still, unu ekwechiri
I do it for the tears ana ebe sometimes n’ugwo onwa bia
Do it for the guys na pass n’ ada akpa oke okpukpa
Mens n’enye m signal ma ndi nwa cho m bia
Ma ndi bu m n’ isi, n’ ekwelo ka ndi iro chim ta
I Do it for ndi na amaro na ife anyi nwelu bu isi nkume
Anyi ma na anyi ajoka, onwelu ife anyi na acho n’ iru igube
Ka ina acho udene, igbuo udene, i ga eri ozu udene
Olu ahu bulu ntu Mechazi we bulu oluebube
I do it just to prove its bigger than all y’all
Onu kwubu si i‘m done, the onu kana akpa na call
Emele enu, emele ani, the afia kana azu na mall
I do it for the love m, echezona when i‘m done
I do this for lil ricky, my future, that nigga born to fly
Do this for my diddy, that nigga came out of morning side
Do this for my haters, they made me greater
The honest nest i was burning was honey, yes i still balance that borderline
Its For my niece who will never know what it means to be severed from family ties and to be thrown in a hall with thieves, over a gold meddalion, was stolen and hope the keys jingling and they get to mingle it with open air with open breeze
I do this for my pistol and virgin ready to fuck it up
For my uncle rich, when i cried he told me to suck it up
With the reckless, we knew the chunk and buck we knuckle up, life a rollercoaster, best keep a toaster and buckle up
Do this for the psycopath in the path where the grass is greener
Whether to chit chat later a belle latina
This is for the women who acknowledge God inside, she polished but down she wild, if they pull me up, she hold the nina
This is for my ancestors sold into slavery
And doing the unspoken while tightly holding their babies
Thats another level of strength that i got in my veins
Ah swear, we not in the same league, i‘m magic in the 80’s
I’m averaging the way i‘m savage
I’m already almighty
Can’t hold me, i’m Kyrie Kobe and Toby
I’’m likely to run away and come back with a chunk of of fody
Ready to blow it any moment
Pay me what you owe me, bitch
This spotlight (speaking spanish)
A sight to see if they are fighting me, they should fight a chalo
This is for the alliance in my pipe of the cuban cigaros
Its for the future generation that just need that inspiration, let them know we got them care, what you need and borrow
This is for my anglewood
They bay down to L.A in every single hood
They love to watch me fight, just like an angle should
Cos when I do good, we do good

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Release Year : 2021

Album : Something to Live For (Album)

Copyright : (c) 2022

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike (born 9 October 1986), better known by his stage name Phyno, is a Nigerian ...