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Greatness Lyrics

The time we have longed for is here
This is not a time for your fear
Lend me your ear
The first light of dawn is near
Na kama uko mbali nina omba karibia (Big facts)
Speak truth to power
Bring down the tower, of babel
Kwa ground huku vitu si sawa
Kidonda haiponi bila dawa
Hekaya za “mnataka ni do what” haiwezi

Cheki, brother, were fikiria
Nani analia, nani anashangilia
Who stands to gain when we’re not united
Ka soka itabidi every man united
And woman and child and non-binary
This is not a dirge of a nation dying
Its a freedom song liberation crying
Wajibu nina jipa
I’m my brother’s keeper

This is not some noise
Twitter fingers taking up a voice
We are now contending with a generation’s choice
We are not your toys
We are not your boyz
Calm dedicated, steady poise
You cannot buy us, don’t share your bias
For tribe, for greed, the fruit of your seed
Corruption, destruction, the leaders that we need
Is for us, by us, with us
Alafu, ha tuta vuka sakafu
Ha tuta melt kama barafu
The center will hold
Brave and we are bold
Won’t do as we’re told
The lies that you sold
Come from a long line of resistance
To jog your memory I will offer assistance
Mekatilili, Pio gama pinto
Koitalel, Wangari wa maathai
Tom Mboya, Dedan wa Kimathi
General Muthoni, Yash pal Ghai
Greatness, Greatness
Kenya is for greatness
Kenya is for greatness

People power
Sisi hawa Hii ndio hour
Si ndio power
We waited, we waited, we waited
Sasa punda imechoka

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Release Year : 2021

Album : River (Album)

Added By : Farida





Muthoni Drummer Queen is a singer, songwriter & Entreprenuer from Kenya. She is the founder of B ...