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Plan B


Plan B Lyrics

If I get presido wey love me
Shey na so everything go ugly
No be say I dey try insult him
But trust me, things are rough in the country
If I get presido wey sabi
Shey na so general go steal from army
Take money for weapon give him family
Him soldier come dey die, what a tragedy (on God)
Presido wey full ground
And him hear say na young people dem dey shoot down
Igp go dey him office still dey kneel down
Him go tell him boys make them cool down
Presido wey care for the future
Better road for everywhere go too sure
Pursue minister wey no do good job
Cos all these politicians them dey too chop (I swear)
(Everywhere country don tough
Once I get my papers I’m off
Once I enter jand I don lost
Make naija just give me divorce, I swear
Go market everything cost
On top your degree you no go find job
Government sef them no respect us
This naija e no be by force, I swear)

If I get governor wey honest
Wey dey try to keep all of him promises
Wey no go use him people to become rich
Wey go use him eye to see the condition
Maybe him go see the insecurity
Kidnapping everywhere in every big city
Terrorist dey do so much atrocity
Governor wey send him go dey the issue
Governor wey sabi
Shey him no go the university
Students dey suffer just to get degree
Without education my people cannot reach there o
Streets are bloody
All the senator dey disappoint me
Una wey dey run shit we are purging
And that’s the situation in my country (I swear)
(People everywhere rough
Once I get visa I don cut
Get new phone for there I don port
Make naija no vex e too much
See yankee, everywhere soft
Make I go hustle wetin man go take chop
Die for this country, that na bad luck
This naija e no be by force, I swear)

If pastor dey wey dy fear God
Wey love him people like him love him haircut
He go sell the jet wey dey the airport
Cos many people dey wey need him support
If pastor dey wey dey talk true
Shey na wetin we go see inside the court room o
Shebi anointed one, nothing fit touch you
Na why your prophecy e no dey come true again
Professor wey wan make we stand out
E no go take money to give us hand out
E no go drag that girl inside him compound
The things I dey see e dey dumbfound me
Be like say everything dey scatter
I don taya for the matte kpata kpata
I just dey pray make I gather all my raba
Make I japa to another country and ooo
Yankee your boy dey come

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Release Year : 2023

Album : Plan B (Single)

Added By : Farida