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The Target


The Target Lyrics

"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now I’m found
Was blind, but now I see.."

(Beyond Control Mafia)
9:16 AM, Uncle Beatz pull me up
AMG beyond Kontrol, amazing Grace
Yeah, flex uh

This be the stone the builders rejected
This be the kiddie 
Wey the high school teachers neglected
The boarder wey the house master evicted
The boy wey no fi enter dinning hall
Chop cos he was restricted

This be the boy wey sell ein phone
Before producer record am
This be the boy wey no get light
So nobody wan plug am
This boy ein matter de3 dawg am
This boy no be that important
This boy like to give pressure
So make nobody force am

Afei school no p3s3 meba ma speech
Omo sende emails, demma money no reach
The only paper adey see be money and receipts
Na y3 nante s3n koliba
But now cars we dey screech yeah

They tear me down many times, e no be twice
Now the boy dey get invite from Kwame Despite
On the phone with Waddle
catching the next flight
Im a son of the sun so I shine too bright woo

Berma k) dwons) koda na Nyame ahyira me
Dan na mo locke y3 no
3ho safoa na mekura no
Nhyira no d))so ama megye mani a yetua me
Ka kyer3 Okyeame ne s3
)nkyer3 Ohene ne s3 )nb3 kyea me

Woy3 saman mey3 ghost master
I pull more niggas on board
I should be a slave master
Between you den your girl
Tell me who dey come faster
Im schooling these niqqas
I for teach for Lancaster

Dont compare me to somebody who dey live on pills
So blessed ma dawg dey get endorsement deals
Yesterday niqqas no go fi show me who be real
Im the word Im mad ago fi tell you niqqas how to feel
Buh you no make ready for that discussion
I shock my gucci down your ass and tell you that is fashion
I no dey do music I be music and thats a passion
Somebody wan see the boss it depends on who is asking

Too many hits in the system but the boy be humble
They wanna step in the ring but they not ready to rumble
Adey on fire berma tell dem I’m too hot to handle
I choose to live in a casino cos life’s a gamble
Devil no be liar, nipa na 3y3 fucken wate
Atanfo ny3 nyame nti wotan me a medaase wate
They coming at me but me ano dey see men in their eyeballs
If I no do nothing for you niqqas mati

When the hit no dey come frustration dey set in
I’m on a God level niggas battling for the next king
Same niqqas are inspired wey dem dey look up to me
Want to disrespect a hero chale shit is soo depressing
Talking to lawyers in Thailand 
I’m on the phone trying to purchase an island for Island 
I’m trying to stack my dollars up my Cedis and my Naira
Menb) belt mpo me nwaste time mpo dabiaa mey3 Marlian

Mon keka de3 mob3ka na mea menbu me ho
Wo girl no menim no nipa mu
Okukuseku forgetti saman na nipa ho y3 hu
Yeny3 ab3nfo) anadwo bia y3ma )mo akoma tu yeah

Loyalty be talent, these niqqas dont have it
I keep them all in ma circles so they always walk around it
Shouts out to Joey B, Shatta Wale, ma niqqa Kelvin
Nyame nti y3 3nbreake down, y3ny3 Kwadwo Sheldon
Dont compare me to Obidi nigga be Legend
That niqqa dey preach for Ghana, that Nigga be Reverend
No regrets in life life is full of lessons
Amazing Grace everyday my life is full of blessings

Too famous I had to throw a mask on
But they still recognize when I put the mask on
Cos the notes Medikal he put some mask on
Had to take the mask off for freedom, 1Don
Adey rap when I want to rap but Im not lazy
Wo disse me na s3 wop3 reply a just pay me
Ebia wo rappi paa but you rap for your friends
But 3kom de me nti I rap for the whole nation

I got a whole family to feed
Mey3 street boy s3 mona magye degree
Boys punche paa nanso still boys dey bleed
Boys dey need some deliverance but the pastor sleep

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Release Year : 2021

Album : Amazing Grace (EP)

Copyright : (c) 2021

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Medikal, born Samuel Adu Frimpong on April 5, 1994, is a hip-hop artist from Ghana. ...