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Champion Sound III


Champion Sound III Lyrics

Who dem boys talking like they know me well (who)
Forgette na I don’t even know my self
Came up from the bottom Nti name np3 meho as3m
But if you ask for it then you can get it nana Y3nka nky3rewo
Bantama ni aberante3 de3n na wob3kyer3 me (De3n()
Top striker and I got my people on defense
Had to make a move and get up off the bench
Mantumi any3 doctor but now I’m saving lives with the pen
And the melodies of cause, me spreade Guso sauce
And ready for delivery Okada go show at your door
7: 47 on the dot, watch out for the cops
Around here we don’t snitch and we don’t talk a lot
Take you back back to the days
I used to hustle on the streets in my charley w’ate
Nfutoro nkoaa na mehu w) me feet
I won’t lie I payed my dues and I’ll show you all the receipts
Got the remedy to make the hater Rest In Peace ,still i Dey up
Yegyinamu pintin s3 abele abaa, but don’t think it is sweet
This is bitter than the truth that you seek
Nti you bie w’asom na tie, then repeat it like it’s a mantra
salute me when you see me, no)ma mafa mu no 3y3 woaa anka
Wob3 take break
Speeding thru the life, and I got no brakes
Dropping hits until on hits until s3 m3 beate drake
I’m a Thug affiliate
Never did akwaashe, but I know the case
Nti barima you bettter be careful of what you say
Ten toes down, na menfa ho s3 Matia at3ky3 mu
Akata now) me mogyam, Nfa ho ne mentaade hyemu
Still with the gang gang, wodi agoro aah bang bang
Y3 nkonwa  na y3ma so still the haters can’t stand
womose mey3 we sellout nti mebusa s3 33y3 s3ns3n
If you know the price make you speak up na y3ntw3n
Yani Abre oooh,

Every day is a jam day
so tell them that the music never stop around here
We lit , we lit lit, lit,lit. Huh
And my flow so forsaken, still I’m the shit
Y3se obiaa d) woa due So let the haters keep hating
And I keep growing Bigger every day by day
Na me taadi rap me ma kinaata kad3 ooh azaay
Oil city flow, so I got more grease up on my elbow
Na mate s3 ne still Ekorso w) elubo n
Y3 Nwom natera border. So don’t bother, everywhere you go
Like Mtn , But we not Empty man, we some handlers
Hand across my chest  I let them know that they can’t handle us
nka ny3 music aah anka sesei me no robbe bank
Firi s3 sikafii ne Sika pa nyinaa 3y3 the same. Aaane
You got to take the good with the bad
Madweney3sum but my heart is so fair
And I blame it on society ,cuz they made me this way
Whether legal or illegal I just wanna get paid
The boss player, my thugs Dey yah, we pour some liquor
Then make a move after I say the lord’s Prayer
En3 ny3 me birthday but I got to get my cake up
Blow the candle then I make a wish to never fade out, ahhh
Omo huy3a na omo akoma b) omo peri peri
All these rappers getting buried , take em to the cemetery
Na sebi sebi sometimes evil is necessary
So I gotta kill them all tell them that I said it
I’m coming for ur thrones nigga

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Release Year : 2021

Album : Champion Sound III (Single)

Added By : Farida





Kofi Jamar is an artist from Nigeria. ...