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What do you see


What do you see Lyrics

It’s a part of conversation of who we are, short story
Story of a glorious land without any glory
You know, the everyday story

Hundreds of thousands of minds
Through sweat and blood, pain and love
Like pillars they hold up the information, data
Yes this is not found in any school syllabus
Nubujiji butwariye hamwe I like to call it the school bus
Its routine stuff
Control what they hear
So that you can control what they speak
But fortunately they can’t control what we see
So what do we see?

I see the repeated story free Africa
And after I see no change
I see education fail us every single day
I see the rich get richer and fewer
While the poor keep dying and nobody cares
I see religion washing away
The remaining pieces of my culture
Brain washing my people
Digging our graves even deeper
I see a lost generation
The feeling of emptiness in both our minds and souls
Outcast of your own people
I see kids that just want to belong

Mbona abasirikare k’urugamba rutarangira
Intambara batangije intambara badashaka kurangiza
See the trenches of colonialism aren’t dry yet matter of fact
We are drowning in those today
Just polished and covered by a blanket called trend
The universal system, the master and slave

Uwambaye ikirezi ntamenya ko cyera koko
Sadness pity hunger in the eyes of the most fortunate people
People that aren’t claiming what’s rightfully theirs
But fighting for the right to be equal
Kings and Queens that know nothing about their kingdoms
Nothing about their loyalty

Iri niryo tangiriro twigishijwe n’abakoroni
Batwigisha Adam basa, Eva basa, Yesu basa ubundi batwigisha Satani dusa
Natwe dutega amatwi turubaha, badutamika umugati turunama
Amateka yacu barahanagura

Yeah that’s all that’s on my mind
But this is who I am.

Leave my eyes behind
To look at where I come from
Under god I have been waiting for too long
Pushing for my throne my kingdom is the way home
Any way you can’t catch me If you die lost
Normally I kill a bee with no apology
My sympathy way underwater like a submarine
Feeling me say something nigga are you feeling me
Real quick question what you see when you look at me
I see your beast, I see you boss, I see
I see a kid with a vision fighting hard to never quit
I’m upon visionary M J in 2 3 see the leader of the game
Cause I only shoot threes I’m sick (sick sick)

Ninde wakoze iyi beat
Ninde wakoze iyi beat


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Release Year : 2020

Album : Badman (Album)

Added By : Florent Joy





K1vumbi K1ng is a musician from Rwandan. ...