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Open Sesame


Open Sesame Lyrics

Ohh! Pardon the wait amount it took to what I become
I swear you patience is the true measure of ride of die
Gracious in my moments I’m on auto-pilot
Im Beckham, bending all the rules in any sort of climate
Laser focused while orchestrating the revival
Whenever the chips the down I’m still the one to rely on
Need I remind you delay is never denial
Built for ultra endurance if it goes down to the wire

Very fluent in the art of manipulating these words
To my liking snd influencing your psyche
To shit I pen to the beating of my heart at it’s purest
Is the sole reason to this charmed life I’m enjoying
I’m, multiplying every stream in my catalogue
Razor sharp in my expertise of the steeze

Season after season I acquire more
Hell bent on ripping holes through your firewalls
This upper-echelon dialogue
All the eavesdropping would’ve heard a fly on the wall
I feed souls what I call street poems
I carefully engineered for everyone who needs hope
These are dire times, only way to lead is by example
Manoeuvre through a maze with the aid of a flicker from a candle

Repping every street that I ran through
The nigga hand picked to come and pick up where they left room
For improvement
‘Somblief without delay
Had to show and prove, moved in and redecorated
My fly pieces from Diesel are jet fuelled

They high-key just want to figure out my next move
Who, still defying all the odds
Now tell me how it feels to watch a young nigga blossom
And prosper, my every word is the gospel
A young Nelson Makamu meets Picasso
Wearing Basquiat signature crown
And nkwalo by the Queen, Dr. Esther Mahlangu
Uyang’ understand? My bravado’s profound

I draft tweets then later minus the vowels
I define what is timeless live in the now
So I shine like them diamonds, the finest around
Awutshel’ ibhari es’zela ngob lastag
La izoghol’ ilabab’ ntwana ngibuye nge vas trap
Most of my favourite rappers are either dead or washed up
Or commemorated via portraits from Rasta

They never made it to the world stage and got props
So to celebrate ‘em Ima juts claim what’s mine
What I pen is a work of art my every stroke is genius
Scribe it on scroll I could probably NFT it
Kick back, stack a lot of Pringle pops
I make big bank from all of this crypto chop
This that not to be slept on
Piff with a pinch of hypnotherapy 
That’s bleeding through your headphones
On my tenth year, got a decade of experience
Gods engineering what’s blaring through your speakers
It ain’t a secret, sleepless

Its like I went and lit the fire my damn self
While they debating my progress
The only thing evident, is how never the one you should ask for
But just in case some doubted point ‘em to my residence
Also known as the home of the trap doors
And the ice cold showers
That threaten the stifled progress
I made it practice to be mindful and struck some balance
These are just some lifestyle habits

I’m digging deep in my pockets for some innovation
Got me pushing my pen to extremes with the schemes
Like I ain’t fulfilling the promise of unlocking greatness
When I product manufacture the keys in my sleep
Game is for the taking, I seen an open invitation
They seen what I do to an envelope and do they best to imitate
It’s, part flattery, all irritation

The sound of their heart’s rattling is jumping my car battery
A man for the ultimate occasion
The few who had it out for me do their best to avoid the altercation
I’m doing acrobatics on my day shift
Dropping three pins on every podium as a destination
Went and made extra reservations

Buzzing off of a quote from Napoleon Hill’s book of ages
Never have I not been amazing
I hover over the totem poles they try bring up to my face
I’ve consolidated and narrowed down all the basics
Remastered a few nooks and crannies while channeling Barry Bonds
At the plate and  all bases
In a class that’s raining all confetti
Me on my lone some and cam, so y’all can witness it
All a nigga do is represent
Ngiphum’ eSouth Ah’ the flyest nigga rhyming on CD and cassette
Break records like I went and scratched vinyls

Been saying my competition, me, myself and I
Ever since I been doing laps all the rest got so adapt to
Be in lockdown, they’re nowhere near where my Litmus is
Either that or they’re practicing social distancing
But, none of my business
I know niggas catch feelings
Is it just my experience alone?
In my zone, I

Never panicked, while they napped on the talent
I just got better, wrote a book on how to evolve
Then I re-wrote the rules took me however long
Spent sometime in the booth, the refinement of roles
All they’re smelling is fumes they can hardly ignore
The chickens are home to roost time to sound the alarm
This ain’t the making of a hit song I’m in different bag
Pick of the litter, my style slippery
I giving em what they gotta quick solve
Personalised puzzles, with every piece
They gotta sit and watch my jig soar

Still a problem I’m supplying their demands
Everything I’m unlocking is without lifting a hand
Keep plant jewels in pocket couldn’t offer you a rand
I may be too melancholic for the overly dramatic
All attempted re-enactment of my level of...

You niggas barely connecting the soul
The few that have studied my methods came back to report witnessing
Too little left if any at all
No regard for anybody that thinks they’re going to outlast me
Not with these unlimited resources I straight fire
It’s the way the paradigm shifts
Betting the game’s an extreme sport
You niggas ain’t built for

In my own lane and it’s mad spacious
Ten seconds from iconic no time
To even stop and acknowledge
The moment when I surpass greatness
Open sesame as I approach legendary status

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Release Year : 2021

Album : Father of Zen (Album)

Copyright : (c) 2021

Added By : Huntyr Kelx




South Africa

Kid X is an artist from South Africa. ...