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Lwanda Magere Legacy


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Lwanda Magere Legacy Lyrics

Yoh! You see right about now
You bout to take it to the basic
Coz rapping really what it used to be
We bout to bring it back nigga


Shout out to Vinc on the beat by the way
Yeah now cjeck me out

Eey it's the supplier of the truth
My passion is prior to the loop
And all I require I pursue
Atleast the dragon of the speed
Fire in the booth (Jones!)

And I was never hand --
Started my own shit with a pad
And a pen in the stu'
God guided from the jump
He was sending me truce
I pro with it 
We no longer making amateur moves

So I'm different I suppose
I'm big daddy king
Bamboo, Doobie
So I'm pissing on you foes
And I'm careful with the code

OG status, Makaveli in the flesh
Without the piercing on the nose
Rap now is a circus of clowns
Mumble rapping lean sipping suckers
Looking way worse than they sound
Rap niggas carrying purses around
Ain't nobody care for skill anymore
Coz you can purchase the crown

So everybody kinging now?
What a shame oh shit!
And every rapper
Be rapping about the same old shit
You a mama's boy you ain' no trip
My typa lyricsm deeper than a footage
On an anal clip

It's Papa Jones nigga
Who won it for the Shaka Zulu
My rap is voodoo
Rappers gon' have to go back to google
And look for clues coz you whack
And you lack, what the mack and nguvu

Needs to have to be spectacular
You like a pack of noodles
Coz when expose to the heat that I spit
You break

I'm back to basics but I pray God
That He keep you safe
I got the gang gang here to roll
Bang bang here to blow

Shawties in my city 
Call me bam bam bingalow
I'm international 
But please don't get it twisted
International markets for Africa never existed

It don't matter 
If you better than Kendrick and Jcole
It don't matter 
If you signed with the rock's the J hoes

Oh you got a billion streams
You got to be the best man
Signing big deals from Univesal or Def Jam
But if you African
You will never blow in the States

And it's intentional
Coz these labels be knowing the stakes
So they approach you with a deal
And promises they can't deliver

And gas you up and telling you
How you the hottest spitter
But mind you it's a plot 
To them you just another nigga
So basically you selling your soul
To the highest bidder

So it's bad shit crazy
You ain't heard of cat this wavy
I've been on the map since 80's and 90's
That means I'm legendary to the casket

It's really sad seeing 
All these niggas getting catfished
How you gon follow a wave
Man this is the kind of ignorance
That could have you falling in your grave

Fame seeking leeches all in my page
So nowadays I'd rather hang out with my daughter
And just call it a day
Wait funny how life changed

When on the right lane
Ain't alot of industry niggas 
Up in my price range
Ironically I don't even like fame

So when I'm on the stage
I'm definitely handing out them ice change
Humble and generous 
I don't frown for the cameras

I'm signing all your favourite rappers
Coz they be amateurs
My addiction for money 
Started in the fifth grade

Told my teacher when I grow up
I just wanna get paid
Fuck a 9 to 5 shifts 
I'm barely sleeping on the greasy
Moi Avenue, Luthuli
I be creeping in the city

Oh you bitching what a pity
Me I'm different and I'm greedy
I be chilling with your bitch
I got my dick up in her titties

So what you doing I done did it already
You niggas are petty
That's why you can't compare to this pregin
Now wave a machette 
Coz you trying to belittle my credit
A dream chaser 
If I want it best believe I'mma get it

I thank God for this role
King tracking the code
And they can't fuck with the goat
Came back with the flow

It's like king tracking the code
Banged up in the stove
Yeah we rocking it 
But this ain't no damn dashing the hoes

Yeah I took over the West
Not breaking a sweat
Nigeria made me a vet
Now I'm raiding the West

South Africa baby you next
I be waiting to flex
I'm about to pull up in Jozi
Steady ready to take

I done had a conversation
With some niggas from the South
Motherf'cks wanna act like they 
Don't know what I'm about

If you don know who I be 
Then you stupid without a doubt
Niggas in Sierra Leone 
Keep my name outta your mouth


Khaligraph Jones - Lwanda Magere Legacy 1 lyrics

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Release Year : 2020

Album : Lwanda Magere Legacy 1 (Single)

Copyright : (c) 2020 Blu Ink Corp

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Brian Robert Ouko better known as Khaligraph Jones is One of the most celebrated Hip Hop artists in ...