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Album On The Way


Album On The Way Lyrics

Sex over love, and it’s sex over drugs
Sober reflection of me ditching that fake love
Focused on the Sonics till I’m paid up
Made it through a pandemic knew I had to stay up
Knowing what I’m making now
I coulda made twice
But the fact that there’s something to make
Still kinda nice
I crossed milestones during covid
Bought a car and moved out the old crib
If you haven’t noticed
Bitch I’m so boujee now life is a movie now
Stop looking for the old me that’s stupid now
I can’t be rapping like 2008
And if I did I won’t be popping today
I’d be that broke dope nigga
Only nigga would rate
That’s why I did it differently
Every album a different me
Bladboyblad to mr bombastic
Now am ameka life stallion dropping a classic
Now it’s bigger than me, thinking bout family
Now it’s blow up or die, don’t gat no option

Yeah every day I push ma shit
Do it with a new zeal
It’s like that antiseptic, if I don’t do it who will
I can never sleep cos every day there’s a new bill
I can never deep, I love this shit more than boob still
But then ass still kinda dicey
My mom asking bout a wifey
I wanna make her happy
But she know I’m too icy
Know there’s too much booty outchea
I hate to be fucking only one
And there is too much money outchea
To be tryna fall in love
And you know half of these bitches on coming
Cos I’m popping and know it’s a decision
Pick mo
Ney over loving
Let me get back to the topic
Let me say this shit real quick

Shout out to the headies for not giving me shit
Felt like it was a lesson God was teaching me shit
Made me kinda humble bust outta the bubble
Focused on the hustle now back inside the jungle
Back inside the studio, chumming out the records
Last time I checked my phone and all I saw was debits
Debit after debit, so it’s record after record
So I’m smoking every session, know I cannot waste a second
But shout out to wizzy for the cosign
Love you to death big bro, and that’s no lie
I pray my album blow as big made in Lagos
And when it rains it showers, I pray I stay favoured
Love to the fans, love to the haleness
Love to my bros, you know we gatta get this paper
Love to my hoes, you know daddy gon fuck you later
The album is really close, so ama see ya later

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Release Year : 2021

Album : Album On The Way (Single)

Added By : Farida





Blaqbonez is a rapper from Nigeria. ...