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Shoot the Messenger


Shoot the Messenger Lyrics

Our celebrities never let us down
Never expected this one from Runtown
We now at the protest ground
I’m standing next to Falz, wow I’m never coming down
It's End SARS till we End SARS
To the ones we lost by the bent SARS
Tomorrow we block the toll gates
Block the main roads and stop whole place

Oxlade doing the lord's work
Back in Surulere someone got shot
Mehn you guys dey give me life
For Mr Macaroni i could give my life
Ah Don’t forget to use the hash tag
All protest na protest last last
If you can’t come outside, do it online
Or do it combine RT a million times
As far as feminism goes

Our government should learn from the Feminist Co
Be like Segalink is two-faced
We don sleep for here for like two days
They send thugs come Alausa to beat us up
Garba dey tell Hausa to give us up
They don day shake omo Which one be that
They wan remix SARS and call am SWAT
Hashtag EndSARS, EndSWAT

No arrest made, which one dey send pass
5 for 5 that’s what we asking for
Give us what we want what’s all the capping for
The whole thing is getting out of hand
People dying left and right this was not the plan
Paid thugs high-jacking the protest
Thank God for David sha, ABJ dey slow vex

Scare tactics, don’t let that shit stop you
The want to negotiate with youths but they impose a curfew nah
My brother we go die here
Make we jam for toll gate mehn dey go fear fear
Got here an hour later shots everywhere
I try to run for cover a bullet hit my rear
And this is how I lost my life
Don't you ever forget
Keep up the fight

See you in the after life

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Release Year : 2021

Album : Golden (EP)

Copyright : (c) 2021 Cordless.

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





A-Q is a musician from Nigeria. ...