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Hip Hop
T-Stone, his real name Stephan Phobere, born November 10, 1996 in Abymes, is a French singer from Guadeloupe.
T-Stone spent his childhood in the city of Gosier in Guadeloupe, influenced by some American artists of his time such as Michael Jackson and Chris Brown among others and by Guadeloupe artists like Patrick St Eloi, Gilles Floro or the singer / rapper Martinique Kalash, he starts very young in music.
T-Stone started in the underground world in 2013 by publishing its first composition on Youtube and is pleasantly surprised by the success, the clip now accounts for just over 50,000 views. After receiving many praises, he decides to pursue his passion.
T-Stone, his real name Stephan Phobere, born November
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