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Jacques Zoulabou shortly known as Razben as his stage name is a Burkinabe recording artist, songwriter and an entertainer. RazBen started music in his tender age at sub Sahara areas of Ouagadougou.
Jacques Zoulabou born on 01/01/1993 is recited from Ouagadougou and attended Navasco school at Navrongo (Ghana) and was born to Zoulabou Zinlougou and Adoibou Katongo as his parents.
Razben rose to fame in 2014 with his first album "God Save" and later release two albums to his music career ''Bawoni''and ''Take Over''. Razben can switch and manipulate his vocal chords to sound like an R&B artist in one song while he appears like an Afro highlife artist in the next. He is a pleasure to listen to or watch on stage.
Razben began featuring on the works of established artistes such as Iba one from Mali, Wendy shay from ghana, Samini from Ghana, Fancy Gadam from Ghana, Smarty from Burkina Faso, Imilo Lechanceux from Burkina Faso, Frere Malkom from Burkina Faso, Alapta Wan from Ghana, Teflon flexx from Ghana, Cedric Kanavaro from Ivory coast, Exo Le Charismatic Ivory coast, Trouz from Ghana and many others which were a good start for him.
Jacques Zoulabou shortly known a
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