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P. James, whose real name is James Panu Panu, is a Congolese artist. He is an author, composer and performer.
It was born in Kananga on March 27, 1992 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in the province of Kasaï Occidental (now Kasaï central). Coming from a large family of singers, Fr. James was introduced to music from an early age. With his brothers and sisters, he saw the birth of his talent and the desire to make a career in this art.
In 2002, he made his stage debut with a religious choir called Arc-en-ciel, in which he would evolve for a long time.
From 2014 to 2016, P. James worked with the Congolese rapper Lexxus Legal whom he accompanied on the stages of numerous festivals such as Peace One Day in Goma (Mali), Visa for Music in Rabat (Morocco), Salem Addis Festival in Addis- Abeba (Ethiopia), Festival International de la Francopholie in Kinshasa (DRC), MaMa Event and Africolor in Paris (France).
In 2016, P. James participates in the first season of tele-crochet The Voice Francophone Africa
In 2019, P. James self-produced and launched the clip "Posés". He then took part in the national music competition Vodacom Best of the Best, in which he placed second and made an impression on fans and jurors.
For 2020, P. James announces a series of singles including "Na Kobala Yo" for February 14, before the release of the opus Yoka.
P. James, whose real name is James Panu Panu, is a Con
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