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Quadri Olatunji Azeez, known professionally as Admaz, is a Nigerian Afro beats singer songwriter and a performing artist. He is best known as the co-founder and current frontman of GMD Entertainment. His stage name pays respect to his father, whose name is Admaz. Personal information Full name Quadri Olatunji Azeez Net worth $1,000 Place of birth Lagos, Nigeria Height 5′ 7″ Profession(s) Singer, Song-writer Early Life Admaz spent much of his early growing up years in ABUJA k- town city, with his Mother. It was later that he moved to Lagos to keep going on his career He studied at a public school He subsequently gained admission at the University of Abuja, However, in his sophomore year, He dropped out to pursue a career in music. Angered by this, his father stopped supporting him financially. After dropping out, Admaz moved to Ibadan befor going down to Lagos City to keep on career in music. Initially, he aimed to become a Music legend and started focussing on hip hop production. At Lagos, he spent much of his time at X- planet studio. He partnered with his longtime friend, Raji, known mainly as Riddy X and together the two launched the Label GMD Entertainment A year Before he desired to be the label manager voluntarily, in 2021 they came up with their Aim on the social networking site. Career Admaz gained intrest on beeing a legend he started his label GMD Entertainment. Not looking back, he ended the year on a high note by inking a deal with a lot of musical artist. His songs address real-life topics such as betrayal, street smarts, trust, pain, and others. Though he is doing well with GMD Entertainment before he was sub signed to 45 Records for his managerment To mark his association, 2021 Admaz release his single OZANA Same year, he made his debut on the music scene with his first studio EP ‘Sound Boi’. Admaz’s journey as a musical artist zoomed further as he followed it with a mixtape ‘BARAWO’,. However it was the single claimed to be from his possible album ‘SAID’ that catapulted his career to a glorious future. The single not just became a big hit, but was his first to reach the top 20 of the A.J STREET Hot chart & King Abj NO. 1 chart. Admaz’s career has been soaring high since then and his second album ‘Different Types of Legends’ yet to come it said to faire extremely well. Awards 2017-2018 Best Independent Artist (K- Town 2k17) 2018 ABuja Standards King ABJ (2018) King ABJ (2019) Personal Life Admaz not interested on announcing his relationship status or personal life cycle outside music. he did prove he is starting to become a different type of legend and not ready for any so called scandals. At k - town interview 2021, in addition, Admaz’s most notable work yet to came with the Much anticipated album ‘SAID or Different Types Of Legends ’. While not sure of the album title this went on to become his highest anticipated project and also Major Works. it is said to fire extremely well. Label information Current Label GMD Entertainment, 45Records
Quadri Olatunji Azeez, known professionally as Admaz, is a Nigerian Afro beats singer songwriter and a performing artist. He is best known as the co-f
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